Redefining community with
shared acts of kindness.

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First of its kind community outreach campaign by Aspen Group – Umbrella Sharing Initiative received accolades from CSR Malaysia. The group was honoured with the ‘Company of The Year Award’ in the Overall Excellence-Property Development. The award is given to honour outstanding corporations in Malaysia that have excelled in bringing changes in the socio-economic transformation of Malaysia. Kindness connects people and Aspen Group’s umbrella initiative connects people with shared acts of thoughtfulness. From bus shelters to walkways and alleys to corridors, we are arming people with umbrellas to help them stay dry on rainy days and stay cool on hot days. Once done with it, they can deposit the umbrellas at designated umbrella stands across the city, ready to be used by others or pass it to friends and strangers alike. By connecting those in need, these shared acts of kindness inevitably redefine community, making the world a better place for all.

This is how we can be a part of the change


umbrella from stand


umbrella for shade and shelter


to any Aspen Group umbrella stand

If you notice any umbrellas missing or damage to the umbrella stands, please notify us.

Schools, Penang
  1. Penang Chinese Girls’ High School
  2. SJK (C) Union
  3. SMK Convert Lebuh Light
  4. Dalat International School
  5. SMJK Convent Datuk Keramat
  6. SMK Convent Pulau Tikus
  7. Penang Free School
  8. SMK Convent Green Lane
Aspen Group
  1. Aspen Group Head Office
  2. Aspen Group Experience Centre
  3. Aspen Vision City Sales Gallery