Dato‘ M. Murly as the co-founder and Group CEO helms the organisation with a steady hand while keeping his sight focussed on the future, thus, proving he is a man of action as well as a visionary.

His enviable reputation as one of the youngest Executive Directors and COOs to be recorded in the history of Malaysia’s Public Listed Companies continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs till today.

Deeply passionate about whatever he sets out to achieve, Dato’ Murly is renowned for his astute business acumen, ingenuity in disrupting the norm and keen foresight for the innovative. These inherent characteristics have served him well in propelling the Group forward with unwavering determination.

Dato’ Murly’s extensive industrial knowledge, from managing design and construction executions, and a holistic sense of community building from his town and urban master planning days continues to influence the conceptualisation of projects by the Group. With insightful strategies, Dato’ Murly has been able to leverage his combined skills and experiences to step up and lead the way. Dato’ Murly‘s ascent in the business world is fuelled by his desire to seek meaningful change in people’s lives, and how community can be shaped for the better with transformational ideals. This desire continues to spark as Dato‘ Murly steers the Group into new directions of evolution and diversification.