We share a vision at Aspen Group:

To redefine living.
Where others see an empty spot, we set it as a scene for growth.
When a place seems exclusive to many, we design the catalysts for change.
When most would turn from an old brick wall, we transform it into a gateway of possibilities.

To redefine values.
We embrace the courage to dare to be different.
We enable the freedom to experiment with ideas that push beyond boundaries.
We empower creativity to engineer smarter living solutions.

To redefine thinking.
We believe that prime real-estate can be made accessible to everyone.
We imagine how personal style and preferences can be tailored to on a big-scale.
We know that powerful business partnerships can be made within reach of a young developer.

To redefine connection.
We bring a fresh perspective to the relationship between people and their environment.
We bridge the gap between current market trends and forward-thinking technology.
We broaden our landscape from building affordable homes to innovating sustainable metropolises for communities of the future.

This is the vision that drives us to be exceptional in everything we do.
Redefine the starting point.
Redefine the possibilities.
Aspen Group. Redefine living.


To be recognised as one of the key forces shaping the property development industry through quality and affordability.


To champion the empowerment of people by offering unequalled quality and affordable real estate for everyone.


These values define our culture, guide the way we treat each other, and how we run our business.

Our people live by these core values, which enable us to focus on creating innovative products, making ethical decisions, building relationships, and taking accountability for our actions.

Be a catalyst for positive change
Our benchmark is to deliver products that elevate the standard of living. Before we embark on any work, we challenge ourselves with the question, "Will our actions spark positive change by making life better for people?". Every plan is thought through in detail and measured against this benchmark before proceeding. To be a catalyst for positive change is the mantra that shapes our attitude towards work and the way we relate to one another.

Build on relationships
We are committed to open communication and acting with integrity in all our relationships. With every customer we build a home for, every business partner and vendor we do business with, every Aspenian and with people we have yet to meet. We do our best to ensure that every interaction builds into a loyal, long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Collaborate To Innovate
Our business model is to deliver best-in-value solutions and services through new opportunities, smart ideas and strategic collaborations. To achieve our business model we innovate to breathe new life into what we have to work with and we encourage Aspenians to be innovative thinkers who challenge and redefine the status quo. This mentality, together with our business model, is the blueprint upon which we build our organisation and nurture our people.

Be Community-conscious
As a property developer, the work we do has a social impact that goes beyond building bricks and blocks. We are in a position to think of communities holistically and besides our plans to develop the city of the future to benefit the community, our Corporate Conscience Programme gives Aspenians the opportunity to reach out and connect to those that may be less fortunate or are in need of extra help. We coordinate activities through charitable campaigns, educational activities and contribution, as well as environmental and socio-cultural programmes that give us the privilege of serving the community as part of our work life.


We are visionaries, planners, builders, strategists, daring dreamers and creative thinkers.

While we thrive on the diverse cultures and unique personalities that everyone brings to the table, we are all connected by the same passion to be the best at everything we do.

The Aspen culture is built on having the courage to do what others may think is impossible. Today, this courage is what propels us forward, to act boldly and to make smart decisions that grow our capabilities as a visionary developer, corporate citizen and reputable company.

We believe that the driving force of the Aspen culture are our people. We recognise that it is through the determination and dedication of every Aspenian that we generate long-term value for our stakeholders and customers. In return, we are committed to shaping Aspen Group to be a company where everyone has the capability to not just build a great career but to constantly build themselves up and we do so by investing in them and providing them with opportunities to maximise their potential.


What We Do


We want to build homes that are affordable to purchase, meeting people at their individual levels of affordability. This is what inspired our vision, and as we grow, we continue to explore ways to provide affordable choices with added facilities that benefit the community as a whole.

Dato' M. Murly
President & Group CEO
“I knew that if I wanted to change the way people live in the future, I must challenge what we have today. Aspen Group was founded on this belief. A vision can spark a wave of change and transform the way affordable homes can be built and made available for first-time home buyers and first-time investors. Vision enables us to see beyond the ordinary, strategise innovatively and execute our ideas into practical realities that not only gives people what they want, but provides them with the privilege of living better lives.


Our founders are firm believers of the notion that "property developments shape society" and they lead the company with this reminder as a guiding principle in every aspect of the business.

Dato’ Seri Nazir Ariff
Executive Deputy Chairman
We started off by becoming the first private sector developer to build affordable homes for first-time buyers. Our capability for challenges has grown tremendously since then, and we are now laying the groundwork for building iconic developments that can change the landscape of an entire region and beyond.


We are constantly evolving our business model to move with the latest innovations and to set forward exciting new strategies that capture the market.

Ir. Anilarasu Amaranazan
Group Managing Director
We came up with a new strategy of infusing full-fledged services with our real estate that really played to the dynamic wants of buyers. That move has helped us to stand apart from our competitors and achieve viable volume in sales.
Ting Tai Theam
Executive Director
By offering an unconventional solution, we are enabling people to "live better" within their own means from selecting to upgrade their homes through us at the outset, and doing away with the need for renovating their kitchen or bedrooms at all.


Wherever technology meets the human living environment, there is always a need to anticipate all the possible outcomes. We aim first to build a city which is fully equipped with smart services for humans.

Ir. Woo Kok Weng
Executive Director
In our flagship development Aspen Vision City, we are working on plans to build infrastructure and create an ecosystem that is prepared to serve the needs of the future market. Collaborating with tech giants to provide optional services with cloud infrastructure makes this one of many differentiators that makes us stand ahead.


Laying The



We have formed extraordinary partnerships with global industry leaders who share our vision for our projects:


The Board